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On Sunday I decided to take myself to the movies. It was a last minute decision and since it was a movie that would be inevitably disappointing I went alone.

I got on the subway. It was a semi crowded car and when I saw an empty seat I decided I would be better off taking it than trying to keep…

“In collaboration with the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division, Denver and Pueblo police forces conducted sting operations on 20 dispensaries in the two cities sending underage people as undercover agents into the dispensaries to buy weed. They were all IDed and when they failed to prove their over-21 status, every single dispensary turned them away.”


Hunter S. Thompson


Hunter S. Thompson

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“And how odd it is
to be haunted by someone
that is still alive.”

I Guess the Old You is a Ghost (#589: June 25, 2014)

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On Thor even after not being asked about it!


The news about Thor as a woman being baffling to some people is another great example of foot in mouth gate keeping.

If you’re upset that it “doesn’t make sense” that Thor is a woman now; then you don’t know the first thing about Marvel comics Thor.

Thor is a title. A mantle. Mjolnir requires a mortal vessel for Thor’s power and has had many. Most if not all have been male and at least one is a fucking alien named Bill. (Though that all has to do with Thor: Corps and I forget how all that nonsense works exactly)

I always liked that about Thor actually. Mjolnir is not just an object and it is not just a weapon. It is a test and manifestation of inner strength. Not if you can lift a truck. Not if you can shoot beams from your eyes or webbing from your wrist.

It requires someone sure of themselves who also demonstrates humility and enough courage to face problems head on. (The Hulk can’t lift it because he is ruled by rage and when he is Banner he is ruled by fear)

It is a self actualization that is required to wield Mjolnir and be Thor.

Not big muscles and a dick.

I’m done ranting hooray!


“Everyone runs away to California once, or at least all the lonely, hungry people do.”

Marya Hornbacher, Madness: A Bipolar Life (via autobibliography)

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